Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ryan Anderson Stands up For Marriage

Ryan Anderson is co-author of a well-written book called What is Marriage: A Man and a Woman, a Defense.

In this video, he takes on the opposition and does really well I think. Certainly it took a lot of courage for him to go before this hanging judge and allow himself to be treated the way he was on CNN Live.

His attackers were Piers Morgan and Suzie Orman. Suzie Orman is particularly pejorative in her attack demonstrating her own extreme ignorance, in that her sole argument is ad hominem and again we see the reality of liberal fascism--the modern reality that you can say anything as long as it is acceptable to the liberal thought police. If you fall foul of their rules, you're attacked as a bigot. The main thrust of her argument seems to be to keep shouting that Ryan is vastly in the minority. Piers Morgan on the other hand is rude and certainly not objective in his approach. He keeps interrupting and making all kinds of accusations against Ryan.

How can you deny these two people a marriage if they want one? You would deny them on grounds of consanguinity, polygamy, and various other situations. That's what the law does.

I think Ryan Anderson handled himself well, with dignity, integrity and aplomb. When you consider that he was up against two television professionals, he came out pretty well.


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