Thursday, 12 March 2015

Use Your Vote to Support Marriage!

Coalition for Marriage writes:

The General Election is only a few weeks away. Voters go to the polls on Thursday 7 May.

You will not have forgotten that the current Parliament forced through David Cameron’s same-sex marriage Bill. Neither have we.

Marriage was redefined over the heads of the 24 million married people in Britain. MPs rejected the timeless truth that every child deserves both a mum and a dad. This monumental change to the social fabric of our country has been called one of the greatest political power grabs in history. And people are already being punished for their resistance – like long-serving Red Cross volunteer Bryan Barkley, registrar Margaret Jones and Ashers Baking Company.

Remember that none of the major parties at Westminster included redefining marriage in their manifestos at the last election. The consultation was a sham and you, along with well over half a million other signatories of the C4M petition, were ignored.

Only politicians got to vote back in 2013. The General Election is your opportunity to vote on marriage. You can decide who deserves to represent you in the next Parliament, who will best stand up in years to come for people who believe in the true meaning of marriage.

We will be making people aware of how their MP voted on redefining marriage. We will also be encouraging constituents to question their candidates about this fundamental issue.

C4M is not party political. We have supporters in all the main parties. We recognise that individual MPs from across the parties voted in different ways.

The new MPs elected on 7 May will decide, for example:
  • whether to increase protections for free speech and freedom of conscience for people in the workplace 
  • if the existing protections for religious bodies not wanting to conduct same-sex weddings should be taken away 
  • whether Ofsted can carry on interrogating young schoolchildren about their personal beliefs on marriage, family life and other sensitive issues 
  • if Britain should be using taxpayers' money to promote same-sex marriage abroad. 
Your vote on 7 May matters. Use it for marriage.

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